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Rooted in Sustainability

Sustainability guides the decisions we make every day and how we plan for the future.


Fast Penny Spirits was built to be more than a spirits company and it is our business to take care of people and the planet. Our commitment to positive social and environmental impact has earned us B Corp™ status.


Drink Better

Fast Penny Spirits emboldens conscious drinking within our communities. We commit to being mindful of what's in your glass.

Spirits with a Sustainable Vision

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Our amaro starts with an upcycled grape spirit to lower water waste and our carbon footprint without sacrificing quality.

We blend using over 45 sustainably sourced botanicals and non-GMO sugar.

We reuse or repurpose our blending totes and containers.


From shipping in eco-friendly packaging, to reducing overall waste, sustainability is top of mind.

Our focus on sustainability extends to community through our Pretty Penny program and advocacy for inclusion in business.

Intentional in sourcing botanicals, always

Our recipes are thoughtfully and carefully developed, sophisticated yet approachable and rooted in sustainability.

Black Truffles

Our umami-rich fungi is foraged in the Pacific Northwest. Black truffle’s intense and unique flavor offers a rich complexity that supports the bevy of other botanicals.

Black Truffles.jpg


Organic saffron, grown in Eastern Washington, gives grassy, vegetal, and floral characteristics. The brilliant color and aroma lend intensity unfound in other ingredients.

Cocoa Nibs

Adding rich, nutty earthiness, the deeply roasted nibs complement the truffle and cascara. Our cocoa nibs are organic, fair-trade, and locally sourced.

Cocao Nibs.jpg


The dried coffee cherry that protects the coffee “bean” adds rich and bright tartness. Often the cherry is not sold once the coffee bean is removed. Through reselling, the coffee farmer earns more and creates less waste in production.


Grown in Washington State, our unroasted hazelnuts offer savory nuttiness that supports the stronger flavors of cocoa nibs, truffles, and dried fruit.


Rainier Cherries

Bright and complex, named after Washington State’s Mt. Rainier, dried cherries bring stone fruit flavor without too much acid. Adding select fruit to our recipe supports the sweet and sour flavor profiles to perfection.

Wild Gentian

Harvested from the Alps, wild gentian is part of our amaro's traditional bitter profile. We use a mild amount of gentian blended with other bitter botanicals to create a perfect balance.


Willamette Valley Hops

Yakima, Washington hops give rich, floral notes that balance our amaro's bitter profile and support its floral fruit body without overpowering.


The dusting of wild-gathered rosebuds plays an important role in adding sweet and floral tasting notes, and a wild rose scent to the nose.

Rhubarb Root.jpg

Rhubarb Root

Creating an amaro that evolves from nose to palate to finish is essential. Rhubarb root supports the umami rich and bitter profile and also creates a long tasting finish for a complete drinking experience.


Evolving and Growing our Commitment

Sustainability is a journey and we strive to improve and make positive impact every day. Join us in growing the greater good through Pretty Penny, our 3% give back program.

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