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Investing in female-led businesses, Fast Penny is looking to change the way we choose how we drink.


Our mission is to produce the highest-quality, sustainable, and desirable Amari that infuse joy and empower community through consciously sourced ingredients from our region and around the world. Fast Penny Spirits commits 3% of bottle revenue to support women in business, our communities, and industry.



We’re also dedicated to sustainability whether it’s from the recycled glass bottles we use with our Amaricano brand, reclaimed corks, supporting local and sustainable farming, eco-friendly packaging, daily decisions are made with sustainability in mind. We know we can always improve in sustainability and will continue to look for more opportunities as we grow.

About Us

Fast Penny Spirits and Amaricano were born from Jamie’s vision to start an Amaro company combined with her career in the global digital world. 


With grandparents who emigrated from Sicily, Jamie grew up embracing Italian culture and flavors from an early age. Building a company focused on creating a high-quality, complex but approachable American-made amaro was a natural fit. Being a Pacific Northwest native, Jamie also wanted to highlight the abundant organic and wild-crafted ingredients the region had to offer.


The desire to give-back to the community was a key tenet in the original business plan. Fast Penny Spirits fully commits to support sustainable food systems, environmental practices, and empowering women and our communities. Having recently been awarded a B Corporation certification is evidence of the successful implementation and practice of this mission.


Breaking down classic amari into the individual ingredients, Jamie made individual tinctures and then blended them in hundreds of combinations, trying and testing each blend before arriving at the final products. From this two-and-a-half year process emerged Amaricano and Amaricano Bianca. Both delightful to drink on their own as well as easily incorporated into cocktails.


As for the brand, inspiration was taken from Jamie’s toe-dip in the burlesque world, with the same elegance, attention to detail and quip of fun in every experience. Fast Penny Spirits was built to empower and celebrate the support of the community. Community is a force for change, giving the strength and motivation to make bold moves. Whether it’s picking up burlesque in your late forties or starting a new company, that support can make all the difference.

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Founder & CEO

Jamie Hunt

A mostly Seattle native, Jamie is known for launching innovative digital products and experiences for global companies as well as seeking out delicious food and cocktails at home and on the road. In creating Fast Penny Spirits, she digs deep into her Sicilian heritage and love of amaro for a new American take on the spirit.


A life-long learner and traveler, trips to Europe helped spark her dive into the world of Amari. With a family history rich in making wine and liqueurs at home, Jamie set about concocting the recipe for Fast Penny’s flagship amaro, Amaricano — testing hundreds of brews and combinations. When she’s not mixing up flavors in the distillery, Jamie can be found spending time with her family: husband Jason, children Anya and Gavin, and Italian truffle-dog Fiori.

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