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Discover Memorable Experiences

Step into a world of flavor and fun at our distillery! We are excited to offer a variety of engaging events that will delight your senses and provide unforgettable experiences. Whether you're a cocktail enthusiast, a food lover, or simply looking for a unique way to spend your afternoons and evenings, our events are designed to bring people together in celebration of good taste and great company.

From exclusive tastings and culinary pairings to live music and art showcases, our calendar is packed with exciting activities. Each event is crafted to highlight the best of what we have to offer, making our distillery the perfect place to relax, socialize, and enjoy the finer things in life. Come join us and create lasting memories with friends and family!

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Sunday, June 23: Pride Celebration at the Lodge at St. Edward Park: Croquet, Cocktails, and Fun on the Sunny Lawn! Join us on the Remington Patio (outside the Tonsorium bar, floor 1) for a fabulous Pride event featuring croquet, delicious cocktails, and loads of fun! Tickets here.


Saturday, June 29: Propaganda Returns: Kickstarting Our Summer Concert Series! Straight from LA, Propaganda is back by popular demand! If you missed his unforgettable performance last September, here's your chance to catch him live again. Get ready for a night of grooving, laughing, and deep thoughts with this multi-talented poet, rapper, author, and all-around awesome human being! Snag your tickets here!

Saturday, July 13: Veloce Society Party at the Hunt House: A Night of Drinks, Food, and Fun! Join us for an exclusive soirée for members of our VS Club, along with our esteemed friends from Phifer Pavitt, a woman-owned winery nestled in Calistoga, CA. Want in on the fun? Join our Veloce Society!

Sunday, August 4: Drag Brunch featuring the sizzling Diamond Lil, the electrifying Glen Coco, the sparkling Ruby Mimosa, and the charming Beau Briefs! Hosted by the fabulously sassy Stacey Starstruck with DJ Ricki Leigh spinning some seriously luscious tunes! Reserve your tickets!

Saturday, August 17: Smokey Brights, a Seattle-based band blending rock, pop, and soul to create an infectious and dynamic sound that captivates audiences with their high-energy performances and emotive lyrics. Grab tickets!

Saturday, August 24: Shaina Shepherd, a soulful vocalist and songwriter whose captivating performances weave together elements of jazz, R&B, and blues, delivering powerful melodies and heartfelt lyrics that resonate deeply with audiences. Seize your tickets!

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