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Where to Find Amaricano

Live in Seattle, or planning a visit? Be our guest at the FPS Bottle Shop & Tasting Deck, serving seasonal house cocktails, and VIP tours. Now open.

Available at fine bars, restaurants, and retailers in Washington, California, Georgia, Minnesota, and Oregon, Special Order Amaricano: 99900941775 | Amaricano Bianca: 99900941875

Interested in pouring, selling or distributing Amaricano? Email

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With aromas of toasted sugar and dark fruit, the body is unapologetically rich and full. Rounded truffle, vanilla bean and Mexican chocolate help finish, mingled with a savory bitterness.

amaricano bianca.jpg
Amaricano Bianca

Candied lemon envelops the senses, while saffron, apricot and chamomile create a perfect dance on the palate. The long finish offers a tart green, dandelion note.


VIP Tours

Live in Seattle, or planning a Pacific Northwest visit? Be our guest at Fast Penny Spirits’ Seattle home, nestled in North Seattle’s Coastal Transportation Shipyard. 

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