Pretty Penny 
Gives Back

As part of our commitment to impacting the greater good, we created Pretty Penny, our 3% give back program.

Pretty Penny Does Good


Empower women, female-identifying, or non-binary business leaders


Support communities and partner with like-minded non-profits and businesses


Collaborate with the hospitality industry to delight amaro lovers and support our missions


Every time you buy a bottle of Amaricano, Fast Penny Spirits pays it forward giving 3% of bottle sales to nonprofits.

We provide space to businesses that share our values.

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We provide amaro for events, donate VIP distillery tours as an auction item, and unite with like-minded entrepreneurs to host fundraisers.


Learn more about the missions of our
Pretty Penny partners


Off Their Plate is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit that tackles gender and racial inequity in the food industry by partnering with local, minority women chefs to cook wholesome meals. They help minority women scale up their food trucks and young kitchens and get their life’s work off the ground. Every OTP dollar has a dual impact-- supporting a women-of-color owned food enterprise providing local communities in need with restaurant-made, delicious meals.

Past Partners

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Interested in Pretty Penny?

Thank you for your interest! We will follow up shortly.

Pretty Penny Partners are 501c3 or 501c6 organizations. Like-minded businesses who drive towards equity and inclusion are encouraged.

Submission is not a commitment for support.