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  • What is an amaro?
    Amaro means “bitter” in Italian. It was traditionally produced as a medicinal remedy and digestive aid to treat aches and pains, while helping to fight off malaria. The bitterness in amari comes from a foundation of various barks and roots. Lighter herbs and spices are layered into the blend to create a tea-like structure with a remedial intention.
  • What is a digestivo?
    Italian Amari are perhaps the most iconic digestivos. They are traditionally drunk after dinner either neat or on ice to aid in digestion and settle the stomach after a heavy meal. Increasingly, however, they are being used in cocktails to add an herbal complexity and rich texture and drank throughout the day and evening.
  • What is an aperitivo?
    An aperitivo is a traditional Italian liqueur, typically drank before dinner to open the stomach and prepare our systems for accepting an incoming meal. Constructed with barks roots, herbs, botanicals, and spices. They have traditionally been drunk before a large meal to prepare the gastrointestinal system to receive the various properties of the food about to be eaten. However, aperitivo style amari are also being used in cocktails to add more complexity and are now drunk throughout the day and evening.
  • What is the difference between amaro and amari?
    Quite simply, amari is the plural of amaro.
  • How are the bitter liqueurs like amaro, made?"
    Amari, aperitivi and cordials are made by macerating (room temperature) or infusing (applying heat) in a high proof alcohol. The alcohol will extract the flavors, essential oils, colors, chemical compounds and medicinal properties of the applied ingredients. This concentrated alcohol is then blended with water and sugar to bring the proof of the alcohol down.
  • How should I store amari?
    Amari and aperitivi are very shelf stable at room temperature, while the fresh fruit and vegetable cordials maintain their brightness in the refrigerator. Don’t be afraid to leave your cordials on the bar, if they are away from direct sunlight.
  • How should I serve amari?
    Drink Amaricano neat, on ice, or in a cocktail. You can add citrus peels or fresh herbs to play with the different flavor combinations.
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